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Who we are

We were founded by Daniel Jakob and Joachim Reisinger in October 2014.

Since 2016 we are organizing conferences all over the world. Our first conference was held in Dubai. With the success from the first conference we decided to change the conference location but not the style how we organized it. In 2017 we had our second conference in our hometown Stuttgart, Germany. As we had a conference in the middle east and Europe already we decided to have our third conference in Shanghai which we had in May 2018.

Bangkok, Thailand to be specific, will be our next conference stop in June 2019.

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Daniel Jakob


T: +49 (0) 7161 6285 14

M: daniel@motionlogisticsnetwork.com


Where we go

Aarhus - Denmark

11 September 2019


We accept a limited number of members per country. Contact us to check how many members we accept in your country.


We say that trust and reliability are the decisive factor for a good network while we only accept those kind of agents.


With our tools it is easy to gain business and to develop it to the next level. Contact us for more information about it.

Services & Tools

Who we are

Annual Conferences

Join our conferences to gain more business.

Payment Protection

Your money is protected if you work with our members.

Financial Check

Each member gets a financial check, is trustful and reliable.


E-magazine with important information about the network.

Recommendation Tool

Recommend agents all over the world and get a reward.

Profit Share Tool

Be active, work with our members and get a profit.


About our events

Image of Dubai

Dubai - UAE

1st Conference


When: 2016

Where: Dusit Thani Hotel

The Motion conference in Dubai was the very first conference of the network.

Image of Stuttgart

Stuttgart - Germany

2nd Conference


When: 2017

Where: Maritim Hotel

The Motion conference in Stuttgart was held in the hometown of the network.

Image of Shanghai

Shanghai - China

3rd Conference


When: 2018

Where: Hyatt on the bund

The Motion conference in Shanghai was the largest conference after three years.

Image of Bangkok

Bangkok - Thailand

4th Conference


When: 2019

Where: Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

The Motion conference in Bangkok was the second conference with over 100 participants.

Image of Barcelona

Barcelona - Spain

5th Conference


When: June 2020

Where: t.b.a.

The Motion conference in Barcelona will be the second conference held in Europe.

Conference Website

Why Networking

Networking is business

Our goal is to gather worldwide freight forwarders who can help each other with the best service and quality. The cooperation and support between the members of a network in a networking association is the power and strength to get more business and opportunities. Together with our annual conferences we offer the best base to start a long-term business relationship.


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